I Want to know why he's pulling away! 

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I've Been There, Too

I know why you're here. Because I've been there, too - all too many times.

It's not by accident you've found yourself right where you are. With this man who has so much potential, if only he could see what you see. Oh, you've picked each other out so well.

You saw in him that potential, that capacity to love, to give, to feel, to be. And if he was honest with himself – if he even could be – he couldn't help but agree.

There's a story here that you're not even aware of going on behind the scenes. This man isn't just any man.

And you, well, we already knew this part, you're not just any woman.

You know how you love so deeply? You know how you care so much? You know how you feel so deeply? That's what I'm talking about.

You love harder than most. You feel deeper than most.

It doesn't matter that everyone else seems to question what you're feeling or tries to convince you the way it really is; you know. It's this knowing inside you that keeps you trying so hard to get him to come around, to show him why you're everything he could ever possibly want to be.

It's why you're here, after all. It's why you stay.

There's a reason why I can tell you about him. About this emotionally unavailable man you've found yourself with that you don't understand, but all you want to do is try.

Why is he like this? You wonder.

Doesn't he care? You ask.

How can he not see this? How can he not want this – this thing that you have together – the potential that you've only touched the surface of? How can't he?

With what you feel, with what you're sure he feels, too – you know he does even if he denies it. But what then? What can you do with all this?

You see, I know this because this is exactly the same place where I used to live

Every one of the ones I wanted, of the ones I held onto – literally for dear life –were the ones who were emotionally unavailable to me. No matter who they were on the outside or how different they might be inside, underneath that outward façade of strength and masculinity, they all held a similar story.

How can they all be so similar? How can they all hold such a similar tale? 

And more importantly, what can you do about it?

It's Not You

There's a reason he pullls away. A reason he starts running. And a reason you find him over and over again like you do.

It’s not you. It’s not personal.

But you can change it.

It takes a shift in our thinking, in our being, in our feeling. It takes a new level of awareness that flies in the face of our strong belief systems and programming.
Don’t be surprised if you find yourself fighting it or questioning it.

Most (if not all) of us need some help to break free of this trap we've bought into for so long to that keeps us from being loved and being with someone who’s truly capable of giving us what we so deserve.

It doesn't have to be this way unless you want it to. You don’t have to keep living in this subconscious cycle that you don’t quite understand.

But the choice you make to change this is always left up to you.

It's Time to Change This

Have you ever asked yourself questions like:

"How can these guys do this to a caring, loving, kind beautiful woman like you?"

"How can they be intimate with you one day, then cold and distant the next?"
"Why do men hurt you like that?"
"How can they just disappear like nothing ever happened? Did it really mean nothing to him?"

If the answer is yes, then my new audio program "Why Men Pull Away - Breaking the Cycle of Dating Emotionally Unavailable Men Who Won't Commit" is for you.

It doesn't matter what age you are or where you are in your life stage - if you've been struggling with dating Emotionally Unavailable men, then this program is for you. 

Whether you're currently in a relationship, newly single, divorced, or just dating around and tired of finding the same guys that suddenly stop calling or texting you even when you think things are going great, this program will help you to finally understand why. 

It's all in there.

You can change this, right now. And cost shouldn't be an issue, because you can get the entire program right now for only $47. 

Yes, only $47

It's the most affordable program of it's kind.

You can either choose to keep living the way you've been living, walking on eggshells, wondering when he's going to disappear again, or you easily get the tools you need to understand why he's doing this, and what you can do to change it.

After all, haven't you lived like this long enough?


Here's What Others Are Saying

"You have come to the right place ... for love and support. So many of these stories that Jane shares have a familiar theme. Women with big hearts who give out so much but get little in return.  I am one of those women.  I have also attracted men who won't or can't commit because they are emotionally not available, men who take advantage of my generosity.
I recently completed Jane's program and I am so grateful that I loved myself enough to sign up and listen to someone who has walked in my shoes. She has found true love for herself and so can I. So can you and all the other ladies who wish the same for themselves.
I realize that the process for finding a healthy love relationship all starts with me. What am I willing to do for myself first? What am I willing to let go of? What am I willing to accept?
There are no endings, only new beginnings and I encourage you to acknowledge the pain you are experiencing, because for you it is real, then do what you can to love and nurture yourself. You will get stronger as each day passes, and you will draw into your life the kind of love you want and deserve."

- Anne-Marie

"I can say, with Jane's personal coaching and her programs, I feel so much stronger and am making choices that work for me.  
My self esteem has risen dramatically, since I've chosen ME.  
You deserve to have the safe and committed relationship you want and when you can clearly see this, the letting go won't be as difficult.  Keep reading Jane's words of encouragement and wisdom.  You are heading in the right direction.  Stay strong."

- Steph

"I made the decision just as Jane described to move on knowing that if I am important to him he will do what it takes and I will be the first to know.
It is hard to stop loving someone who had the qualities of being the one you could spend the rest of your life with.
The most important thing to remember is that you need to be honest with your self and accept reality for what it is today. Take time, heal and put yourself and your feelings first. It is true when one says "To love others you need to love yourself first".
Jane you are the first online Relationship expert that I have come across that is dead on with your advice. Thank you."

- Joanne

Here's Exactly What You'll Learn with
Why Men Pull Away

  • How to recognize truly Emotionally Unavailable Men so that you can know if your current guy really is Emotionally Unavailable, or if there's still a chance of making things the way they were.
  • How to spot Emotional Unavailability during the dating stage, so that you can avoid getting into a long term relationship with a guy that's too Emotionally Unavailable to make a commitment.
  • What makes men disappear, and what you can do when he suddenly disappears on you.
  • Understand exactly what makes him Emotionally Unavailable, so that you can know what to do to help him heal (and how to recognize if that's even an option).
  • Recognize what you are doing that's actually causing you to attract these Emotionally Unavailable men without even realizing it.
  • Exactly what to do when you're currently in a relationship with a guy who's slipping away, becoming cold and distant, and what you can do to get it back to the way it was.
  • The only two real options you have when dealing with Emotionally Unavailable Men.
  • The specific steps you need to take to break the cycle of attracting (and being attracted to) Emotionally Unavailable Men.
  • The four stages of breaking free, letting go and moving on that will set you free to choose real love for yourself.
  • Plus so much more!
  • Includes real-life case studies from women who are experiencing the same thing that you're going through right now, along with what they did to turn things around.
  • The program includes an instantly downloadable MP3 audio program that you can listen to on your phone, computer, MP3 or other listening device, and a fully searchable written transcript of the entire program - so you can read it on your Kindle, Nook, iPad, or other smart device.

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Don't put yourself through this any longer. Far too many of us keep hanging on for way too long, hoping beyond hope that he’ll finally come around, only to find ourselves years older and starting all over again with someone new.

I don’t want to see this happen to you.

Because you deserve better.

You Need to Hear This. 

I Want You to Take That Next Step.

Which is why I'm including a

60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

This way you have nothing to lose by trying it out -  I’m offering my normal 60 day return policy, so you’ll have plenty of time. Download The Program right now.

If you’re not happy in any way, if you feel like this program didn’t help you to recognize the clear signs, understand what makes him this way, understand why you keep finding yourself with these guys, and realize what you can do about it, then just let me know and I’ll happily return your entire purchase price. It’s that simple. I want you to try it. Because I want you to break this cycle, the same way I did. I want you to be happy. Don’t you?

I'm looking forward to helping you through this difficult time, because I know exactly how hard it can be.


Let's change this, together.


Jane Garapick